Native American Dance and Beliefs

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Beavers take part in a pow wow and learn about native american spirtual beliefs and the tradition of ceremonial dance


Black Crow's spirit on the happy hunting ground
shakers and drums


Beaver leader talks to beavers about different native american indian tribe customs - naming (each beaver is given a name) - pow wows (to pass on custom and tradition - dances (to please the spirts and bring good fortune).
Beavers then do a couple of ceremonial dances - e.g. rain dance (dance in clockwise way) hunting dance (pretend to be animals being hunted).
End the session singing Black Crow's spirit song.


  • Ceremonial Dances
  • customs
  • Hunting dance
  • Native american
  • Pow Wow
  • Rain Dance
  • Red indian
  • Traditions

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