Scavenger Hunt

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A trail for Beavers to spend a fun hour walking around their local location looking for people, places and nature, and picking some things up along the way.


Worksheet (attached) printed off with one for each Beaver, a pen for each child, and a bag to put stuff into.


1. Update the sheet to reflect your local area - landmarks etc. We have three landmarks each 0.25 - 1 mile apart, and we put them in order with each lodge starting at a different one, to avoid pileups.
2. Print off enough sheets for each Beaver to have one.
3. Get enough pens for each Beaver.
4. Allocate a leader/helper to each lodge.

1. Split the Beavers into their lodges and give out the sheets.
2. Lodges head off. Take the time to let them spot everything - they love looking at things and checking them off as much as making progress round the trail!
3. Beavers tick off things they spot and pick up things that match the descriptions. We were liberal with interpretation, so let them have a statue of a cat as well as a real cat.
4. Head back to HQ in time to check things off and see what everyone got. We didn't score things


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