Animal Who Am I?

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A fun guessing game with an animal theme


Stickers with names of different animals written on each


The Cubs stand in a line and each one has a sticker with the name of an animal stuck to their forehead (check no-one has allerges to stickers) and tell them that they have to guess twho they are (i.e. the name of the animal on their sticker). They can ask questions about the animal that is named on their sticker, but the only answers that can be given is yes or no. They can only ask two questions from someone and thn must move on to someone else and ask more questions. When they have guessed what they are then theygo toa Leader and tell the Leader who they are. The leader may ask questions about where the animal lives or is it in danger of extinction and if they get the question right, then they get another animal applied to their forehead and start again.


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