Trust Activities

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Activities to develop trust and team building.


Group of Scouts/ Explorers 6 or more


1) Falling blind in pairs - split into pairs, get one to close eyes and cross arms on chest. The other explorer stands behind to catch the faller. start realy close, then move away to develop the trust. (only works if eyes are kept shut)

2) Falling Blind - Stand one Explorer on a chair or table and line the others in two rows behind, then stretch out hands and hold onto the opposite person. This bed of hands is to catch the falling explorer.

The explorer should close eyes and fall forwards or backwards onto the catchers. The trust should be developed that the explorers feel like they will be safe. The leader should be outside of the line to guide the faller and check everyone is ready.

3) Blind trail - Spend 10 mins in teams of two or three, setting up an obsticle in a corner of the room. The corners should connect up so that the person going across the obsticles does not have to walk too far.

In the teams of three they take turns to be blind folded and be guided by the other two along the course. They cannot touch the blindfolded person, only describe what is happening. The should be near enough to the person tho so if they do slip they can catch them.

This will also teach them about how it is difficult to be lead by more than one person, when doing a difficult task.

Leave time to tidy up after: i.e. finish 10 mins before the finish.


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