cubs and scouts survival night

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cubs and scouts are stranded on an island and are given tasks and hidden materials to survive and shelter until rescued.


canes or staves, rope, catering food tins empty,tarps, backwards cooking ingredients,milk and hot chocolate, fire lighting kits and fuel, map and grid references of local public area


cubs to be split into 5 teams with at least 2 scouts to a team.
you have been stranded on an island in a crash.
the scouts with you have injured their arms and need to be bandaged and put into a sling. when you have done this the island chief (leader) will give you the grid reference for your hidden kit box you must locate this to continue.
return to the camp area where you must make a shelter with the tarp and staves provided, and light a fire make a tripod and billy can. boil some milk or water in the billy can and cook food in the embers. remember the scouts are injured and can only help with 1 hand



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