Stories in the Media

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Follow a couple of high or not so high profile stories through the papers.
How many different versions of the same story so you get...
What is fact / fiction.... how does the story develop over a few days


3 or more days worth of the same papers...
ie. Times, Guardian, Independent, Mirror and the Sun
(2x left wing papers, 1x Independent and 2x right wing papers)
Glue sticks
Backing Paper
Marker Pens
Drawing Pins (to pin on the wall afterwards)


Group discussion about what the young people have seen and remember whats been in the NEWS over the past few days.

Session 1 : (small groups / patrols)
Give each group a selection of papers spanning a few days.
Instruct each group to locate a couple of stories.
** ... you may want to remove any distractions form the papers... ie pg3 of the Sun !

Session 2:
Mount the stories on to paper and then markup the papers and the story.
Embellish the stories to extract the facts from the fiction that the different papers latched on to.

Session 3: Presentation
each Group to present their story(s) and what was the different elements that the media latched on to.


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