Eh Um Ah Game

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Kick the “eh,ah, um” habit and avoid these words in natural conversation.


List of topic ideas


1. Separate everyone into groups of about three or four. A person must talk to their group about a certain topic for one full minute without saying the following taboo words: “Ah”, “Um”, “Like”, or “You Know”. If the person does not say the taboo words in the round, then the person can move to the second round. If they accidentally say a taboo word, then it'll be the next person's turn.

2. Have one person in each group volunteer to be first. Use the timer/watch to track a minute and announce one of the topics listed below.

3. Afterwards, have a different person from each team volunteer to go next and repeat the same exercise as above. The people who avoid saying the taboo words are the winners of the game.
List of Topic Ideas:
-Favourite Movie
-Favourite Animal
-Best Gift
-Favourite TV Show
-What did you do last week?
-Summer Activities
-Birthday Party
-What would you do with £10,000?
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
-What is your favourite activity?
-What is your favourite dessert?


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