What Equipment to take on a Hike

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Display all the items of equipment you will need on a hike.


Rucksack, water, flask, snack/food, survival bag, map, compass, whistle, first aid kit, extra jumper, spare socks, mobile phone, notepad, pencil, survival tin, plastic bags, warm hat, gloves, (suncream, sunglasses and a sun hat for summer alternative), "What Equipment to take on a Hike" handouts, pens, paper, blanket.

Feel free to include any other items that you feel may be necessary for a hike.


Clearly display all the items on a table and have the Scouts sit around the table so that all of them can see. Discuss each item in turn, what is it, what is it for, how does it work, why should you take it on a hike etc. Once all the items have been discussed in turn, cover them up with a blanket and in groups of 4-5 give the Scouts 2 minutes to write down as many items from the table as they can remember.


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