Junk Clothing / Collage

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Using litter collected from a litter pick & / or items bought from home, in pairs Beavers make a Junk T-shirt or Junk Collage


(T-shirt) Large bags - arm and head holes to be cut out.
(Collage) Large sheets of paper
Sticky Tape
Pens / Pencils
Note paper


Beavers chose to make the t-shirt or collage
Thinking about what they would like their item to look like, they start placing junk on the big bag or paper.
Using sticky tape and glue, attach the junk to big bag or paper
Beaver should write a little about their item (why they chose certain pieces of litter, what they were thinking about, what function the item they have made has, what message are they trying to get across, what worked well, what they might do differently next time).

If more time is needed, items can be complete another week - including bringing items from home.


  • clothing
  • collage
  • creative
  • Junk
  • Litter
  • recycling

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