Horn Woggles

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Making Horn woggles out of red deer stags horns


3 Red Deer stags Horns
battery drill
20mm hole drill bit
16mm hole drill bit
sanding paper
small bench vice
multi purpose strong adhesive glue
scout badge pin badges


Saw horn to woggle lengths
Place woggle in vice and drill center hole through core of horn with 20 mm drill bit to make hole wide enough for neckie
Use file to flatten one side of woggle to allow pin badge to be placed in woggle and to lie flat.
Drill 16mm partial hole in flat side of woggle, not going all the way through to leave enough area of horn to glue on pin badge
Use sandpaper to remove rough edges.
Use snips to remove pin stock of pin badge
apply glue to rear of pin badge and 16mm hole.
Fix pin badge and leave to set


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