Me and My Den/Six/Patrol

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Using Food and Sweet items each Beaver/Cub/Scout should make a small model version of themselves (how they see themselves) with the idea of making up the Six they are part of for Photo for wall.


Marshmallows, Laces, Smarties, Dolly mixtures, Writing icing, Cocktail sticks etc.


Each Beaver/ Cub/ Scout works together to create a Mini version of each member of the Den/Six/Patrol. (20 mins)

As a Den/Six/Patrol design a set (Somewhere that you would find Scouts) (10 minutes)

Once Completed they take a group picture of all of the creations on their Set.


  • characters
  • creative activity
  • mini me
  • models
  • my six
  • Myself
  • Sweet people

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