Scout Law Stepping Stone Relay

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A challenge to cross an imaginary river using your memory of the scout law as stones.


10 pieces of paper and a marker pen for each patrol


Patrols line up in relay formation at the end of the scout hall with paper and pen in front. On the signal to start, the front Patrol member has to write a Scout Law on a piece of paper and place it out in front on the floor and step on it. The next scout the writes another different scout law on another sheet of paper. This is then passed to the first scout who places it in front and steps on it. The second scout steps on the first sheet. Each scout in turn repeats the exercise until all of the are written on sheets, which are used as stepping stones to reach the finishing line at the end of the hall. Scouts will have to do more than one law each. The winning patrol the reaches the finishing line first with the laws correct.


  • Game
  • Relay
  • River crossing
  • Scout Law

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