New Sport Kabaddi

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Beavers play Kabaddi, a traditional Indian game




Have two teams line up at least 15m apart from each other. Flip a coin to see which side will go first. A player from team one stands near the centerline. On the signal, the player runs to team two's territory and tries to tag a team two player. While doing this, the player must keep yelling Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabadd without taking a breath. If the player makes it back into her own territory, without taking a breath, the player stays in the game. If the player stops shouting, Kabaddi and takes a breath, then that player can be tagged by an opposing player. If this happens before the player crosses back into his or her own territory. Then the player tagged is out of the game. Then it is the other teams turn. Game is over when one side loses all of its players.



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