Chase Orienteering

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Two groups, one laying the markers and the other following. The followers need to try and catch up with trail layers finding all of the laid markers in the process


1 map per group, 10 markers, marker pens


The team laying the trail (Group 1) have 10 minutes to study a map and identify 10 places to leave markers for the chasers (Group 2) which they mark on all copies of the map. Group 1 sets off with one of the marked maps and leaves a marker at each of the position that they marked on the map. 20 minute later Group 2 sets off in pursuit. They have to collect the markers and and try to catch up with the trail layers.
The Group 2 gains 1 point for each marker that they recover. If they catch up with the team laying the markers, they get 1 point for each marker that has not been laid.
The lead team get 2 points for any marker that the followers do not find. They lose a mark for any that are not left in the position they have marked on the map.


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