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Create their own Juggling balls.


:: Empty Plastic Bottles x 8
:: Coloured Balloons x2 per Beaver
:: Rice


:: Ask who's been to the circus and seen jugglers before? Can anyone juggle now?

1) Using a funnel, half fill an empty bottle with rice.
2) Inflate a balloon to the size of a grapefruit, twist the neck and stretch it over the neck of the bottle.
3) Turn the bottle upside down so all the rice falls into the inflated balloon. Remove the balloon from the bottle and let it deflate.
4) Cut the neck off the balloon and stick tape over the hole. The cut the neck off the second balloon and stretch the remaining piece over the hole to seal the rice into your juggling ball.
5) Make another two and you're ready to juggle.

:: Ask each Beaver was it easy or hard? Who thinks the can juggle with lots of balls?


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