60 second team activities

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2 sets of 5 quick and easy activities
(some have been "aquired" from other OSM activities to bulk it out- thanks for your input)...


Stage 1
Blanket / Small Duvet / Tarp - Base1
Long cane / stick / pipe - Base2
String - Base3
Book - Base4
Lego - Base5

Stage 2
String - Base1
Cocktail sticks (200?) - Base2
Paper & Colouring Pencils/Crayons - Base3
Paper (strips), Paperclips (100) - Base4
Ball - Base5


Stage 1

Base 1 - Magic Carpet (Supervised)
Cubs stand on a piece of tarp / blanket etc and have 60 seconds to turn it over (as many times) and stand on the other side without touching the ground

Base 2 - Helium Stick (Supervised)
Cubs stand side by side with index finger out - stick is layed across cubs fingers. Cubs have 60 seconds to get stick to the ground as many times - any "non touching" means restart

Base 3 - Knot
Which Six can make the longest knot chain in a single piece of string in 60 seconds

Base 4 - Balancing (Supervised)
How many times can the cubs walk the width of the room with a book on their head (one by one) without it falling off

Base 5 - Lego tower
Who can build the tallest tower in 60 seconds

Stage 2
Base 1 - How long is a piece of string?
Which Six can make the longest piece of wool by tying together 20cm lengths using reef knots

Base 2 - Cocktail stick mountain
Lay cocktail sticks on top of each other to make the highest pile in 60 seconds

Base 3 - Colouring in
with one sheet of paper - who can fill in the most of the page (if they're super clever they may work out to do both sides)

Base 4 - Paperchain
Using pre-cut strips of paper and paperclips, who can make the longest paperchain?

Base 5 - Catching (supervised)
Throwing a large ball from cub to cub around a circle, which six can make the most catches in a row without dropping the ball


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