Rock Mill Trip Canoe/Kayak expedition

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Canoe, Kayak or row to Rock Mill (North end of Warwick), if the weir is at a suitable level, go down it, if not enjoy the exercise there and back.


Canoes, Kayaks, Helmets, Throw lines, Mobile Phone, FA Kit, Canoe and or Kayak Permits for your group.


As a rule of thumb if the water level at the hut is at normal levels the mill weir will be shootable. however if the water level is up then it may or may not be. only an experienced person will be able to judge this. Above the confluence with the River Leam the Avon is B1 and the Weir is B2 so you will need permits though below the confluence the River Avon is C class water and requires no permits though it is recommended.
We only use the wide left hand weir (looking upstream) but Warwick Boys School almost always use the narrower left hand one.
Before anyone goes down the weir you need to check for rubbish/trees etc in the weir.
When the river is at normal level the stopper is about 1-2" high and will not stop a slow moving canoe or kayak coming down the weir but will hold one that enters from the bottom. When the river is in flood this can be 2' high and is very strong.
looking upstream there is a brick wall on the left with a shallow or dry bit at the downstream end, this makes getting off the water easy. you can follow the river up the fishermans path to the top of the weir round the corner, this allows you to launch away from the weir.


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