Dino Tag

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Fast running game!


Tags (fabric strips) - 1 per Child


- Give everyone a Dino Tag. They are now Dinosaurs!
- Get them to tuck the tag into the back of their waistband (or at into the rear neck of their t-shirt/ dress)
- The aim of the game is to take as many tags from the Dinosaurs as quickly as possible.
- Pick one child to have their tag removed prior to starting; this person then becomes a T-Rex!
- T-Rex can catch any other Dinosaur with a tag by pulling the tag carefully from the opposing player.
- If a tag is taken, then that child too becomes a T-Rex and can join in taking tags from the Dinosaur team.
- The last Dinosaur wins and becomes the T-Rex for the next game. You may end up having two or more 'winners' if the game becomes static and needs a little momentum.
- Repeat until the children are bored or the time elapses.


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