Snag Golf or Futbol

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SNAG Golf - Start New At Golf - the fun and exciting way to play golf

Indoors, outdoors, grass, sand, concrete or any other flooring, including snow! SNAG golf is the versatile and portable version of golf.

SNAG Golf is bigger than miniature golf yet smaller than conventional golf.

SNAG golf allows for for full shots, pitching, chipping and putting to be learned and then used on the SNAG course - providing hours of fun for everyone.

Any age group can play, regardless of gender, ability and disability and is a proven learning and training tool for entry level golfers.

SNAG Golf is all about having fun while learning the basics of golf.

SNAG Golf is a player friendly, golf development program designed for both adults and children. SNAG golf builds on the fundamentals of the different strokes and swings and develops playing effectively and quickly. This immediate success keeps the enjoyment levels high thus continuing with the desire to learn and improve even more.

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SNAG Futbol is a new thing to do:

SNAG Futbol® is SNAG's version of football golf. The players aim is to reach the flag with as few kicks as possible. The ball sticks to the flag through a velcro system. There are no limits to your creativity in building a course! SNAG Futbol® is also an ideal alternative training for other sports and an additional training for golf lessons.


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SNAG golf is the best first touch golf equipment around, it is bright, user friendly and results are quick whatever the age.

The equipment has been carefully developed over the last decade by professional golfers to develop golfers. This year, Jack Nicklaus and SNAG have set up the "Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues" in America with the aim of introducing millions of people to entry level golf. Our academy aims to do exactly the same. Such is the equipment, 'we can come to you rather than you have to come to us' !

The SNAG Academy, with it's careful structure takes a child that wants to play golf through a series of eighteen progressive levels that sees them exit with a great set of golfing skills using conventional equipment and golf balls ready to join the Junior Golf Academy and become accomplished playing golfers on golf courses with membership and handicaps. The levels see them learn all the skills - rolling, chipping, pitching and launching with SNAG equipment and balls. Then as the child gets more proficient, the distances to the targets are increased thus developing the skills further. When these levels are complete, conventional equipment is introduced and still using the SNAG balls and targets the process starts all over again, and the finally a real golf is introduced and with carefully designed skill challenges the transition from a non golfer to a golfers with repetitive and very effective fundamentals ready to take them on to the next phase of their development.

The Academy:

- eighteen levels to attain to
- boys and girls of all ages and abilities welcome
- five sessions series
- £25.00 per series
- each child receives a record book
- skill tests at the end of each series to pass and gain the certificate
- continual progression¹

The SNAG Academy is available in the studio, in local schools, the local community centre and at Toft Hotel Golf Club. For a full list of participating venues ........

¹ continual progression - the child is always moving forwards. The child never gets 'stuck' on a level, they are always being rewarded for their efforts, so a child might be on level 3 rolling but still developing level 2 pitching. A level is completed and certificate awarded when all three skills are passed.


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