French Cricket

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Quicker version of cricket without the requirement for stumps.


Bat or tennis racket, tennis ball or similar


The batter stands with the cricket bat (or a tennis racket or similar if you haven't got a bat) held in front of his/her legs. The bowler bowls the ball to the batter, whilst other children (fielders) stand around the area. The batter has to stop the ball hitting his legs and hit it away, with an underarm action. The batter will be out if the ball hits his legs, or if one of the fielders catches the ball after he/she hits it. Once the batter is out, another child takes his place. The child that manages to hit the ball and not get called out the longest is the winner. The game can be played as long as you want. The game can be played in teams with the team who stay in for the most bowls in total winning.


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