Dentist Visit

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A visit from a Dentist to talk about how to look after your teeth, foods and drink that are good / bad for our teeth


A Dentist! Food / Drink Items


Contact a local Dentist and ask them if they will come and run a presentation night for you.

Arrange a Plaqsearch activity via the dentist using a die used in dentists to show plaque on teeth. You may consider getting permission from parents to use this product.

Ask the children to bring in their toothbrushes and toothpaste. Provide some Vaseline (so the children don't stain their lips) and a variety of foods and drinks ranging from healthy to unhealthy e.g. fruits, chewing gum (sugar/sugarfree), sweets, bread, fizzy drinks, water, milk - just enough for each child to have something to sort into good/bad foods.

A useful tool would be a brushing chart which the children could take home. If possible please print out these from the following link;


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