Crisis Command

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Map skills "game". Patrols act as an incident control room, YLs as the "brain" and media and Leaders as runners/advisors


Laptop, projector & screen, Tables - one for each Patrol, If possible separate room for ‘brain’, print outs of extra info from pdf, lamps for desk. police light optional


Maps are inherently designed to be used on the move and this exciting 999 activity incorporates some of the map skills necessary for dealing with an emergency situation involving moving vehicles. Scouts are asked to take on the roles of police officers in a control room who must act upon the information they receive from the scene of the accident.

This exercise will help Scouts to:

• use six-figure grid references;
• devise and follow routes;
• identify map features; and
• use a map to inform decision-making.

Powerpoint presentation is used as a timer and for giving out some information. The presentation runs in 2x real time so every 5 mins on the powerpoint is 2.5 mins in real life.

All info on how to run this is on the PDF attached

Wilfy edit: I did not create this but came across it a few years ago. It was originally an OS resource ( and some other kind Scout leader ( created the Powerpoint which completely changes the feeling of the activity.

I have not linked this to any badges as yet as I am tired and it is late. feel free to do this :)

The activity is about 1 hour but allow 90 mins to execute

Jim Button edit: We ran this last night and it is brilliant! The Scouts really engaged with it, and it worked very well. It is all set to go, so it's a simple evening. It does take a good 90 minutes though. The "Brain" needs to make detailed notes about the requests and answers to be able to provide good feedback (something I failed on!). Many thanks to everyone who created and modified this. We might try and do a similar thing for a hill-walking incident. If we do and it works we will post that on here. Jim Button, ASL 1st Bakewell (Parish Church) Scout Group

Stuart edit Nov 17: OS resource can now be found at:


  • map reading
  • team building
  • Team challenges
  • team game
  • teamwork

Badge Links

  • Navigator - 4-figure reference
  • Navigator - 6-figure reference
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Goal