Parachute washing machine

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Using the parachute as a pretend washing machine to wash the dirty clothes/Beavers


parachute, clothes turned inside out.


Number the children 1, 2, 3.
All including leader holds the parachute.
Place clothes on the floor under the parachute, These are the dirty clothes that need washing!
Leader Chooses a number and those children go under the spread out parachute.
They need to choose a an item of clothing and turn them the correct way... while all the others hold the parachute and swish it backwards and forwards to mimic the wash cycle.
Then change to up and down to mimic the drain cycle.
Then round and round to mimic the spin cycle.
Children under the parachute need to turn the clothes the correct way and then join the parachute and repeat until all children have had a go.
After game is finished discuss how we sort laundry, Ie whites, darks, coloures. We check the care label for informtion on how to wash the garment, Check the pockets etc.


  • Hygiene
  • laundry
  • parachute

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