Indoor Rounders

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Indoor Rounders for Beavers


4 Chairs
3 Beanbags
1 2L empty drinks bottle (can put small amount of water in bottle to improve stability if wanted) or Skittle


+ Divide Beavers into 2 teams. Choose 1 team to be 'batters' and the other for 'fielders'.

+ Put bottle/skittle in middle of hall.

+ Arrange the 4 chairs in a square around the skittle (distance from each chair to skittle should be about 2-3m, but you can vary this depending on the throwing skill of the Beavers!)

+ Sit 1 Beaver from the fielding team on each of the 4 chairs. Arrange the other fielders around the hall (batters can sit in a corner out of the way).

+ Give the first batter 3 beanbags. They throw the beanbags to the edges of the hall somewhere.

+ Shout 'go'. The first batter runs round the outside of the square formed by the chair. Each complete lap scores 1 rounder (a leader should count).

+ The fielding team collect the beanbags and pass to the Beavers sitting on the chairs. These Beavers throw the beanbags at the skittle, trying to knock it over. If they miss, the rest of the fielding team retrieves the bean bags and pass back to a sitting Beaver.

+ The fielding team continues collecting beanbags and passing to the sitting Beavers until one of them knocks over the skittle/bottle. The sitting Beavers must NOT get off their chair to collect the bean bags.

+ Once the first batter is 'out', the next batter has a go. You should change the sitting Beavers at this point, so all of the fielding team has a chance to throw at the skittle/bottle.

+ When all batters are 'out', swap the teams!

Note: We use a training stethoscope to let each batting Beavers listen to their heartbeat right after they are out! Explain to the Beavers what is going on after they've all had a listen.


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