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Similar to Hide and seak


Long rope
Plastic bag, or piece of material
Bit of string


Best played in Woodlands with plenty of places to hide and long grass.

Make an enclosure with the Rope about 3 to 4 Meters across. Usually wrapped around 3 or 4 trees.

Tie the bag/piece of material to the stick with some string so that it is like a tail, this slows the stick down when it is thrown, also makes it easier to find when it lands.

One scout is on (pick however you like)

Every scout starts inside the enclosure.

A scout (not the one that is on) throws the stick as far away as they can.

The “On” scouts then fetches the stick, whilst all the other scouts scatter and hide.

The On scout then returns the stick to the enclosure and starts looking for the others.

Spotting: If the On scout spots another scout they must touch the rope and call their name, once seen a scout must return to the enclosure until freed.
Freeing: If a scout manages to get to the enclosure and touch the rope without being seen (see spotting above) they then shout “RELIEVO” and re-throw the stick, everyone in the enclosure is freed and it starts all over again.

Once all scouts are back in the enclosure the game is over.

To play again the new “On” scout it then the first scout to be spotted in the final round.


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