Bring it Ohm Game

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For Scouts to familiarise themselves with the appearance, circuit symbol and description of basic electronic components.


- One resistor colour code explanation sheet per team (see Scout pack).
- A set of coloured strips representing the code, cut up and ready to use for each team (available via the Electronics Activity Badge page of the Scout Association website − (also attached).
- A hall or clear space to run around in.
- A winner’s prize.


Players are divided into teams and each is given a crib sheet explaining resistor values and a set of coloured stripes representing the coloured bands on the resistor.
Teams stand at one end of the room, and the leader stands at the other.
First, the leader explains to everyone how the numbering system works. At this stage, it might be worth testing everyone with an easy number to make sure they have understood.
Once the rules are clear, the leader calls out numbers for resistor ohm values and the teams have to assemble the correct combination of strips and run across the room to present them to the leader in the right order. Points are awarded for the first team to reach the leader with the correct combination.


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