Component Recognition & Matching Game

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For Scouts to familiarise themselves with the appearance, circuit symbol and description of basic electronic components.


A set of the flash cards for each team. These should be pre-cut into a set of cards showing component symbols, a set showing component photographs and a set of descriptions. The cards can be downloaded via the Scout Electronics Activity Badge page of the Scout Association website −


Scouts work as teams either in pairs, small groups or patrols. Teams have to match together the photograph of the component, its circuit symbol and its description. The first team to correctly match all the cards wins. The game can be made easier by keeping the component symbols and photographs together as single cards so that teams have to match the description to one picture only. It can also be split into two rounds with photographs being matched to descriptions first and the symbols matched in a second round.

Before you play:
Most of the Scouts will have learnt about electricity at school. Spend a few minutes helping them to remember what they have learnt.

Key ideas they need to remember are:
• Electricity carries energy.
• Electricity flows round circuits moving from the positive terminal to the negative terminal.*
• Electricity takes the easiest route around a circuit.
• Resistance is a measure of how hard it is for electricity to travel round a circuit.
• A material that electricity can flow through is called a conductor.
• A material that electricity does not flow through is called an insulator.

You should also make sure they understand what is meant by the term “component”. Some of them should be able to name electronic components such as LEDs, buzzers and resistors.

*It was originally thought that electricity was carried by a flow of positively charged particles, so a system showing
electricity travelling from negative to positive was developed. This convention stuck, even after it was discovered
that electricity was actually carried by negatively charged electrons so is really flowing in the opposite direction.


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