The Spy Game

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Variation of capture the flag with 3 or more


3 x Rope/Sisal
3 different coloured clothes pegs. Enough for each team, you will have to change this depending on the quantity of scout you have, but you need 3 more than the number of team members.


Split your scouts into 3 teams, if you have lots of scouts you could scale this up accordingly.

Each team picks a country to Spy for, Last night we had USA, North Korea, and Zimbabwe(don't ask)

Each team gets, number of team members+3 pegs in one colour

The teams then spread out into woodland and create a "Listening Post" by creating a clothes line between two trees. They then put all their bugs on the line.

One team member is the Guard and stands by the Listening Post, the others are Spy's. Each Spy takes a Bug (Clothes Peg)

Once the game starts the Spy's have to get their Bug onto an opposing teams Listening Post. To do this they must sneak up on the opponents Listening Post and touch the Line before they can get caught by the guard.

If the Spy is caught by the guard they hand over the Bug and return to their listening post for another.

Play for about 20 min, The winner is the country with the least bugs on their Listening Post.


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