Mini Wooden Bird House to paint

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Ready made wooden bird house to paint/decorate. These can then be taken home to put in the children's home garden, or taken to another area to encourage nesting etc. They can also be adapted to be bug houses by drilling small holes into the exterior and filling with straw.


1 bird box / bird house for each child.
Ready made bird boxes (Baker Ross:
Box of 6 - around £8 or 18 for £23.
Paints / embellishments as needed with brushes/cups to hold water / paint etc
Straw if wanted


Talk about conservation and the need to help our wildlife. If possible arrange for a visit to a nature reserve or similar and get the children involved in putting these up ready for the next years nesting. We are planning to put some of ours into the church wildlife garden so we can see if they are being used in the next nesting season.

Purchase sufficient numbers so that each child has their own bird house
Put newspaper or coverings on the tables if needed
Provide paint and brushes to each lodge (use paint trays or cups with a couple of brushes in each colour which should hopefully mean they don't all end up muddy brown!).
Let the painting begin!

Variation: If you want to make this into a bug house then you should pre-drill the holes before the meeting as this is quite time consuming. You will need to be careful not to split the wood. You will also need some straw to place inside the bird house.

Once the painting is done, leave to dry and give to each child to take home (or keep if you are using them the following week).


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