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Traditional games from Brazil


Balls suitable for dodgeball


Queimada (pronunciation sounds like hay-marda, Portuguese for burnt) is a variation of dodgeball. Split the players into 2 teams separated by a line along the centre of the playing area. One member of the team stands behind the opposing team in his team's "cemetery". He throws the ball to his team mates on the opposite side of the dividing line (who are still "living") and they throw it to "burn" a player on the opposing team. If the player is burnt (hit), he goes to stand in his own team's cemetery and helps return stray balls to his own team. The winning team is the team with players who are still alive when the opposing team are all burnt.

Players form a circle around the player who is "on" and everyone thinks of a colour. The person in the centre says "attention, pay attention, focus, begin" then looks at a random player in the circle. That player must immediately say their colour and then run round the circle and back to their place. If they do the game continues with the person who is on picking another player to look at. If the player being looked at isn't paying attention and doesn't say their colour then they are out.

One player takes the ball, throws it high in the air and calls out the name of another player. Everyone runs away except for the person called, who must try to catch the ball before it lands. If he catches it, he throws it up again and calls another name and the game continues on. If he doesn't catch it before it lands he must still go after the ball. When he has it, he shouts "stop!" and everyone stops running away. He then walks 3 paces towards the nearest player and tries to hit them with the ball. If he hits them, they take the ball and start the game. If he misses, he starts the game again.


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