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Native American Dice Stick Game


ginskud (lolly sticks with designs). Pen and paper for scoring


The four dice sticks are held together vertically in one hand and struck from underneath with the other hand. The sticks fly into the air and land on the ground. If any of the sticks are touching another stick, the hit does not count and the turn must be taken again.

The scoring is as follows:
Two sticks = 4 points
Thorns = 6 points
Braid = 14 points
Mountains = 15 points

Any two designs up and two backs up = 2 points
Any three designs up and one back up = 3 points
All designs up = 5 points
All backs up = 10 points
Two sticks and three backs up = 4 points
Thorns and three backs up = 6 points
Braid and three backs up = 14 points
Mountains and three backs up = 15 points



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