Keeper of the Fire Game

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This game was played by many native tribes in the plains, woodland, and coastal
areas of the continent. This one teaches stealth and keen listening skills, which were
other important skills for survival in the wild.


Keeper of the Fire

This game can be played indoors or outdoors, and all you need is a blindfold and
three items representing firewood. Craft sticks bundled with yarn or even paint stir
sticks work fine. The chief (best if its an adult) will place the wood in front of the
Fire Keeper, who is seated on his or her knees, hands on lap, and blindfolded. The
rest of the players, the Wood Gatherers, will be seated a distance away. The chief
declares, Wood Gatherers, we need wood!, and points to one of the wood
gatherers, whose job it is to stealthily creep up on the Fire Keeper and steal his wood
without being detected and tagged by the Fire Keeper. One point per wood piece
collected. Wood gatherers may not rush the Fire Keeper, as the object is stealth,
and the Fire Keeper may only remove his or her hand from her lap to attempt to tag
a Wood Gatherer.

When the Wood Gatherer's turn is finished, he or she may play the role of the Fire


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