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Scouts go for a walk with a visual impairment then discuss.


Visual Impairment Goggles
Somewhere to walk


Make visual Impairment Goggles
Get mask type safety goggles, The ones I got you could remove the screen part, I then sprayed the casing so you could not see out of the edges.

Replace the Screen then alter to emulate the visual impairments of your choice. I had 3 pairs of goggles and made the following impairments:

Retinitis Pigmentosa(Tunnel Vision): make an insert out of black paper that fits the whole mask then cut a 1p sized hole for each eye (not perfectly round),stick it inside then smear a little Petroleum Jelly round the edge of the whole to blur the edges.
Cataract: Smear the whole screen part with Petroleum Jelly to make everything blured
Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Put a large blob of Petroleum Jelly in the centre of each eye, maybe even put a little black paint into the jelly to darken it slightly.

I used the following site as reference.

Discuss how they would feel if they had to live with one of the disabilities, what did they find difficult, what would make their life with the disability easier


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