water, water everywhere

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A messy game to highlight the issue some people face in getting clean drinking water, best played outdoors when the weather is sunny.


5 buckets
Plastic cups
Stopwatch or timer


Divide the young people into 4 even teams and put them in each corner of the playing area. Give each team a bucket and a plastic cup
- Fill another bucket, per team, with 5 litres of water and put in the centre of the playing area
- Explain to the players that they must transfer 5 litres from their bucket in the middle of the playing area to the bucket in their corner, in the quickest time possible
- Each person in the teams takes it in turn to run to the centre of the playing area where the bucket of water is and fill the cup with water and take it back to their team
- The game should be timed and at the end of the time the winning team is the one with the most water in their bucket


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