Artist - Making a model from clay

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Making a model from air drying clay - Outdoors


Air drying clay - cheaply purchased from
Tools for modelling clay
sheet of paper


Devide the clay into equal portions enough for each cub.

Ask them to design and make a model out of the clay using their hands and natural items around them. This works best in woodland area or similar.

Start by squashing the clay to a tree and forming the basis of a face. Then use natural items to give your person features, nose, hair, mouth eyes (snail shells are great googlie eyes!).

Hold an outdoor art exhibition where they all look at one another's faces (include parents if you like at the end of the meeting). This is a great activity for camp where the faces can then watch over them at night.

The clay will eventually fall off o be washed away and reabsorbed into the ground. Alternatively you can create the faces on sticks and they can take them home.


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