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Here’s a quick, easy and funny water relay game to play that needs very few resources


Jugs of water
Large plastic cups / bowls
Measuring jug or large bucket of water (depending on which version you play)


How To Play Waterface

Split the youth group into teams of 4 or 5. If you have a large group, select 20 or so young people to play.
Give each person a large plastic cup and each team a chair and a jug of water.
Taking it in turns, one young person stands on the chair with the jug of water and another young person lays on the floor with their head closest to the chair. They then hold the cup on their forehead and close their eyes.
The youth with the jug then has to pour the water so that it fills up the cup (while no doubt “accidentally” missing on occasion). Once their cup is full, that (wet) youth takes the place of standing on the chair, with the next person in their team laying down.
As it’s a relay game, continue until everyone’s had a chance to be the pourer and the pouree.

There are a couple of ways you can set up Waterface to decide which team wins:
Most Accurate – This is based on which team fills up all their cups and has the most water left over in their jug. You might therefore need a measuring jug to judge the winners)
Fastest – This is the team that fills all their cups first. This tends to be the wettest version of the game as teams won’t be as careful in filling up the cups, opting for speed rather than precision. You might therefore need a large bucket (or hosepipe) to refill the jugs as necessary

If you wanted to offer a prize to the winning team, you could give them a joke prize of a shower cap, telling them that they should use it the next time they play Waterface.
Otherwise, water balloons might also be a fun prize to give.

Talking Points
You can play this game just for fun, but it can also be used as a setup to what you’ll be talking about in your youth group. Here are a few ideas of how to use this youth group game to start off a discussion:
Trust – Did they trust their team mates to try to aim only for the cup, or were they worried they’d “accidentally” miss?
More haste, less speed – Was there a trade-off between trying to be quick vs trying to be accurate? Is their a crossover into their daily lives?


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