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Campfire Treat
Edited by GGNZ Programme Team


Chocolate Digestives (Milk or dark or both); Marshmallows; Long green stick sharpened at end
Could also use skewers and chocolate GirlGuide Biscuits.


Each person should have a long green stick, one marshmallow and two chocolate digestives (for the first round)
Slowly cook the marshmallow over the fire by twirling until golden brown on the outside and gooey in the middle.
Place the cooked marshmallow between the chocolate sides of the digestives and squeeze.
The heat of the marshmallow will melt the chocolate making a chocolate mallow mix.
Eat as soon as cool enough to put in the mouth.
Repeat until you run out of Digestives and Marshmallows.

They will all want s(ome)more


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