Church Walk

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Scouts are given the grid refs of 6 local churches they then have to find on map, plan a route to visit 5 of the churches and collect information


Local OS Map; list of 6 Grid references of local churches, Information collection sheet + Camera


1. Scouts given list of six (6) grid references of local churches and local OS Map
2. Scouts plan a route to visit 5 of the churches
3. Once leader is happy with route scouts are given a data collection sheet on which they need to record the Name of the church, time of Sunday service, name of vicar/priest for each of their selected churches.
4. Scouts are given a camera to take a photo of the church
5. Scouts are allowed to go on their route (depending on age and experience will determine how much supervision is required; this will be different for each troop/patrol)
6. Scouts return with the information for checking


  • grid references
  • map
  • map reading
  • map symbols
  • Outdoor activity

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