Meteorites striking the Earth?

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A simple game


a soft ball and either a bowling pin or 2lt bottle


First discuss how the Earth has a protective atmosphere. This protects the earth from space debris. For example, a meteorite often burns up before it reaches the earth's surface because the friction set up by the object 'rubbing' against the atmosphere causes enough heat to set the object alight.

We see the most meteorites in August. These are often called 'shooting stars. Some meteorites will get through to the Earth but most won't.

To mimic this, Cubs stand in a circle with a bowling pin/plastic bottle in the centre. The pin represents the Earth. One Cub is chosen to represent the atmosphere and stands by the 'earth'. Cubs in the circle have a soft ball and they try to 'strike the Earth'. The 'atmosphere Cub' guards the planet by moving around the pin and stopping the 'meteorite' hitting. The 'Atmosphere Cub' may not touch the Earth. When a 'meteorite' gets through the two Cubs exchange places.

Additional Information: More 'meteorites may be used if the game is too easy.
Some groups find a large soft ball best to use and others find that a small one is better. Try both to see which suits your group best.

Some people say if you wish on a shooting star before it 'goes out' your wish will come true.



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