Hi Ho Circle Game

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Quick circle game which usually ends in chaos and needs no equipment.




Everyone sits in a circle and removes their left shoe. They hold it in the air and start the song holding their shoe high on the 'Hi'. They then put it on the ground on 'Ho' and then pass it to the left on the next 'Ho' and repeat to the beat of the song. During the middle bit 'with a shovel and a pick and a walking stick', everyone holds on to their shoe and stamps it side to side, continuing to pass it on when they get to the 'hi ho' bit.....
Best to start off just passing to left. Then after a practice, holding on to the shoe in front of you in the middle bit, and then to make it extra hard, you can change direction for the middle bit.
Words (From Disney's Snow White):

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go,
With a shovel and a pick and a walking stick,
Hi Ho, HiHoHiHoHi Ho....

and repeat until chaos ensues.



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