Highland Games

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A mini tournament kind of like the highland games




Caber toss (pioneering pole) - The person holds one end balancing it vertically and attempts to to toss it so the other end hits the ground first, it is not judged on distance but how vertical the log is when the other end hits the floor (12 o'clock position is best.

Stone put (same as shot put) - This is not just a stone throw the person holds the stone on their shoulder and attempts to push it forward you can spin first of use other techniques to get more distance.

Hammer/mallet throw - This might be a dangerous so could be replaced with another object, wellie for example unless you think its fine.

Weight throw - Simply attempting to throw a very heavy oobject which could be a bit difficult to do.

Weight over bar - Throwing a weight over a bar and you keep raising the bar till you have a winner, we could use the pioneering pole for this.

Sheaf toss - essentialy caber toss over a bar.


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