Blind Man's Circle

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Physical game played in a circle.


None (scarf can be used as a blindfold)


All the scouts except the 'blind man' sit down in a circle, and are numbered. Then the blind man calls out two numbers, and those two players must then change places, the blind man trying the catch one while they are moving. If he succeeds in tagging one of them, he is unblinded and takes the captured one's place.

The new blind man is twirled before the game is recommenced.

This is good fun if silence is imposed, and the moving players go slowly and quietly, not just making a wild rush.

The cirlce should be large; experience, and the numbers present, will show you how large it can be with fairness to the blind man. If it is made very large you may have two or three blind men in the middle at a time, though only one of them should call numbers. If it is too large, you can make each player whose number is called clap his hands once as soon as he hears his number; this will give the blind man/men a chance to locate them.


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