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Blindfolded Cat and Mouse Game


None (scarfs can be used as blindfolds)


Scouts form a ring, facing inwards, standing. Two 'blind men' are placed inside the ring, one being the 'cat', the other 'mouse'. Neither of them may wander about the middle of the ring, they must keep round its inside edge, by touching the scouts who form the ring.

Complete silence is necessary. To see those two blind men creeping round the ring, first one way and then the other, listening for each other, perhaps only a metre apart, is good fun for the onlookers!

It can be made harder for the 'mouse' if every third scout in the circle is an 'enemy' to him and a 'friend' to the 'cat'. Whenever the 'mouse' touches an 'enemy' the 'enemy' calls out "Here, Pussy!" which is a useful clue to the 'cat'. Both 'cat' and 'mouse' must keep in touch with the circle, by moving round in either direction, but touching every scouts in the circle as they move.


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