Make a working clock

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Making a working clock with the scouting symbol on.


Clock mechanisms (Ebay or hobby shop)
Thick card to put the logo on. (This is good if you have access to a laser cutter and can etch the logo on so kids can the paint the logo more accurately.)
A means to put hole in middle for mechanism. Perhaps a drill bit.
Paint or colouring pens
News papers to protect table.
Some cheap batteries so kids go home with it working.
Some number stickers again from craft shop. (Its good to make a template to get numbers on accurately especially if children are fitting numbers them selves.)


Cut out circles of thick card and either etch out on a laser cutter or print a logo on paper and glue on to card.
Cut hole in the middle for the hands to go through. (leaders do this bit with drill or similar) Depending on the thickness of the card you may need to make a few spacers to keep mechanism tight.
They then colour the chosen logo with paint or felt tip pens.
When dry (which maybe the following week) put mechanism through, screw in fastener and pop on hands and fit battery.
Stick on the numbers.

Could also be used to introduce telling time to some.

Attached is some of the potential logos you may want to use.

I'd build one first to see if you need spacers or any other issue that might happen.


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