Beavers Do Stomp!

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Beavers achieve their Musician Staged Activity Badge 1 by using household items and their bodies to make music, just like Stomp!


Pans and wooden spoons, blunt knives and corrugated plastic tubing, brooms, rice in cans, sections of cardboard carpet tubes... anything you make a noise with!


For the Musician badge the children need to perform two pieces of music. This activity does this in the style of Stomp.

Discuss with the children about their favourite music, and whether they play any instruments.
Show the children some video of Stomp in action. This can be found by looking it up on You Tube, or DVDs are available from Amazon.

Split your main part of your evening into two, using each to make one of the two pieces of music.

One piece of music can be done using their bodies. To do part of the badge requirements, include humming, "lah"-ing or singing part of the song. You should make up a short tune and they sing it back to you. This tune then becomes part of the song. Then add in other noises from the body such as clicking fingers, slapping thighs, stamping feet, swishing feet along carpet etc. to bring rhythm and substance to the music.

The second piece of music can be done using "instruments" like Stomp. Brooms on the floor, banging pans with spoons, shaking rice in tins, scraping blunt knives along corrugated tubing, banging sections of cardboard carpet tubes... whatever you can find! Get someone to beat out a rhythm and the other instruments get added in at different times to make the music interesting.

At the end of the session the Children can perform their two pieces of music for their parents. And receive their Musician 1 badge!


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