TEAM CHALLENGE - Water Challenge

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team challenge requiring good team work and coordination


- Blocks
- Planks of wood
- Water container
- a length of down pipe standing upright with holes bored into it
- a float with a combination attached
- a lock box with combination lock
- Whistle


the scouts will need to be divided up into small teams, larger teams will make the challenge harder. the scouts will need to use the planks to span between blocks placed randomly in a set area, (the scouts are not allowed to touch the floor) they will need to navigate to a safe area whilst carrying the water. the safe area will have the length of down pipe standing up in it with the float inside. the scouts will need to plug the holes in the pipe with their fingers and then pour water into the top allowing the float to rise out of the tank with the combination attached, with the combination the scouts will need to return to the lock box enter the combination and extract the whistle first team to blow the whistle wins


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