Father's Day Shirt & Tie Card & "Dad Rocks" Gift

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Using large stones from the beach paint & decorate it with the words "Dad Rocks" then make a Shirt & Tie Card


For the "Dad Rocks" Gift; large stones from the beach (the bigger the better!), paint, crayons, felt tip pens (glue, glitter/sequins etc if you want to add more decorations)
For the Shirt & Tie card; white card, coloured card for the tie, scissors, glue, paper fasteners (as well as using them as tie pins, we used them to pin down the collar so they looked like buttons as the card was quite stiff and it wouldn't stay down) + envelopes big enough to fit the card


SHIRT & TIE CARD: See the link below for a YouTube how to video - I kept it simple & pre-cut the shirt part of the card & made a template of the tie; Beavers cut out the tie & did the folding part of the card, then decorated the shirt & tie and drew on pockets etc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP1ruLEuVw0
DAD ROCKS GIFT: pretty straight forward - here's a link to the website I found with the craft http://www.artsycraftsymom.com/2012/06/happy-fathers-day-first-craft-session.html


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