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A simple pack forum


String, scissors, coloured pencils


Begin by telling the YP that the programme's for them, and that what they like and want to do is important when we plan. Give out copies of the T shirt outline. Tell them to think about what they've done and would like to do and write one thing they've liked, one thing they didn't like and one thing they want to do. Point out that just copying someone else's just means they're giving up their chance to do what they want to do. Let them decorate the tee shirts if they want, and cut them out. Then bring them back to talk about what they've written- this is also a chance to let new members (who can still fill in what they'd like to do) know what everyone did last year. Making a couple of holes in each, thread the string through and hang them up like a clothes line. And obviously make a note of all the information for reference in planning. Based on a Facebook post (


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