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A two-team game where the children try to knock the soft toy off the stool


Stool (or a small box if you haven't got one), two foam balls, sitting cuddly toy


Split the children into two teams, a line down either side of the room. Number the children from one onwards down one line, then the other. In the centre of the room place a small stool with a cuddly toy sat on it.

The leader shouts out a number and the child from each team then stands just in front of their team. They then take it in turns to throw a foam ball at the toy. They get three goes each. If they knock it off, they get a point for their team.

The teams should cheer on their players! Once they have had their go, the children should sit down and another number is called.

The leader should keep a record of which numbers they have called out, and the number of points earned for each team.

The team with the most points when all children have had a go, wins!


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