Camouflage and Ghillie Suit Making

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Use what's around you to camouflage yourself for a wide game.


The outdoors!

For the ghillie suit: old clothes, fishing line (or even dental floss), sewing needles, and optionally some spray paint.


Use a combination of the following things that you should be able to find around a campsite. Beware - everyone will get dirty!

Cover all areas of exposed skin, including face, hands, neck, and ears. Use camouflage paint, charcoal, or mud to camouflage yourself. Cover with a darker color areas that stick out more and catch more light (forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, and ears). Cover other areas, particularly recessed or shaded areas (around the eyes and under the chin), with lighter colors. Be sure to use an irregular pattern. Attach vegetation from the area or strips of cloth of the proper color to clothing and equipment.

To make a ghillie suite, start with some clothes that you can ruin, and then sew some reasonably large loops into it so that you can later attach bits of vegetation into the loops. Use the spray paint to break up the colour of the original clothes, or rub some mud, charcoal, manure etc. into the clothes!

Now for the wide-game. Any normal wide-game would work, but one that should work well for the ghillie suits is sending out one person with the suit and a whistle and pretty much play hide and seek. The person has to whistle every so often. You could complicate matters by sending out a few people in suits with whistles to work as a team to confuse the people searching by getting them to go from one side of the playing area to another by listening to different hiding people whistling!!


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